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Manama – 20 May 2019: FinMark Communications has announced that the upcoming “Human Capital Forum – Harnessing the Power of Mentorship” will be taking place in the Kingdom of Bahrain by end of November, in strategic partnership with Tamkeen.   

The event aims to showcase the important role that mentorship can play in accelerating human capital development and the realisation of the development goals of the GCC economies and companies across all sectors.  

Mentorship has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to drive talent development, but its place in the development and training agenda of most organisations in the Gulf region still remains negligible. The Forum has been designed to highlight the vast benefits that mentorship can provide for all stakeholders and for both emerging corporate leaders and entrepreneurs (i.e. start-ups and SMEs).

The Forum will feature leading regional and international speakers and experts on mentorship and is being held in Bahrain, which is already a leading hub for talent training and development. Themes and topics, to soon be announced, will help build awareness of the need for mentorship, how to harness its power and what effective best practices look like in terms of the mentoring of both entrepreneurs and corporate professionals.

Mentorship will be discussed as a way to both advance personal and organisational development and we will bring on board and feature examples of successful programmes and tools for creating impactful mentoring programmes and partnerships.

Ms. Zahraa Taher, Managing Director of FinMark Communications, the Forum’s organiser,  added, “Mentoring can play a critical role in the process of accelerating professional and leadership development. It’s a proven, low-cost and extremely effective way to prepare future leaders simply through the leveraging of existing human resources within organisations at no or little cost through the development of networks and partnerships. We are confident the Forum can support further thought, investment and uptake of both existing mentorship schemes and encourage organisations themselves to develop internal mentorship programmes of their own. We are grateful for Tamkeen’s support and the opportunity to leverage and showcase their experience and knowledge of mentoring at the Forum.” 

Commenting, Chief Investment and Marketing Officer at Tamkeen, Dr Nasser Qaedi, said, “With Tamkeen’s main purpose to support talent development and innovation in the private sector, we’re pleased to be the Strategic Partner for this important Forum focused on harnessing the power of mentorship. Across all organisations, one of the key concerns is training and succession. Yet, most companies don’t have formal strategies for preparing their future leaders or mentorship built into their development plans.  With our support for this Forum, we hope to encourage leading organisations across the region to look more closely at mentorship as part of their development and training plans and to utilise the many important platforms, including Tamkeen’s, that are out there today.”

Further details of the conference and programme will soon be announced.


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